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Halftone Line

The commision process

This is what happens when you hire me.

  1. We agree on a price.

  2. I ask you for a 50% deposit and brief

  3. Once the deposit is paid and I receive the brief I will start working on the pencil drawing proofs and submit them to you.

  4. This is your opportunity to request changes to design.

  5. I will make any required changes and re submit them to you. If no changes are required I move on to step 7.

  6. I'll make the required changes and re-submit. You can ask for a maximum of 3 rounds of changes.

  7. I will ink and colour the illustration in Adobe Illustrator using vectors. If you do not want the final file in vectors please let me know and I will export it to the required format.

  8. The coloured illustrations will be submitted to you for final approval. If there are no changes we move onto step 10.

  9. If changes are required I'll do them and resubmit for approval.

  10. Once the artwork is approved I will invoice for the final amount.

  11. Upon payment  the final artwork will be sent in whatever file format is required. Adobe Illustrator can export to most 2d graphic formats including : jpg,png,tif,eps,pdf,ai, and psd.

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